Ardmore residents upset after historic cemetery falls into disrepair

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ARDMORE, Okla. – Residents in Ardmore say more needs to be done to protect some of area’s history.

Kimberly Bailey stumbled upon the historic Clearview Cemetery while she was jogging one day.

“This is something that we need to really take pride in that this is a part of history, that doesn’t exist just everywhere,” Bailey told KTEN.

She says some of the headstones are in bad shape, while others are scattered throughout the cemetery.

Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Theresa Ervin says crews cannot repair monuments without the permission of family members. However, some of the tombstones are so old and undocumented, that the city has no one to contact and no right to repair them.

Ervin says they want to keep the cemetery looking nice, but does not want to risk getting into legal trouble or upsetting a family by repairing a monument that they didn’t have permission to touch.

Bailey says some of the headstones belong to WWI veterans and WWII veterans, adding that they deserve better.

“These are our war veterans. They’re a part of our history and a part of our town and we are just letting it fall to pieces,” she said.

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