Law enforcement cracking down on red light runners this Christmas

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Deer Creek, Okla - The sun hadn't even come up yet when Deputy Kelsey Frazier was on patrol at May Avenue and 178th.

That's when he was T-boned by a teenager who had run the red light.

Deputy Frazier said, "As I get half-way through the intersection I hear tires squealing. It was early in the morning so it was still dark out. I look out my driver side window and I could see a pair of headlights coming straight at my door. Right now, BOOM! I got hit on the rear quarter panel."

The impact sent his cruiser spinning through the intersection.

Thankfully, he was not seriously injured.

In Oklahoma County in 2014 there were 3,211 crashes because someone failed to stop.

3 people were killed and 61 were seriously injured.

Mark Opgrande with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department said, "You have times when people are inattentive or maybe they think I can make it, so they try to gun it to make it through the intersection."

In an effort to keep motorists safe this holiday season, deputies are beginning their "Red lights for Christmas" campaign.

Deputy Frazier said, "We want people to get to the holiday destination safely. They don't want to see these red lights at Christmas."

Deputy Frazier and other law enforcers will stake out trouble areas.

Beginning Monday, there will be a "zero tolerance" enforcement around the metro.

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