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Wheelchair stolen from disabled metro man

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OKLAHOMA CITY - "It's a genetic disorder," said Brian Bowman.

Bowman was diagnosed at 5 years old with Dystonia, which has left him disabled for most of his life.

"It causes distortion," Bowman said.

Only one of his limbs, his right arm, functions.

He used to be able to walk but, after brain surgery, he lost the use of his legs.

Despite his disability, he's learned how to become independent and get around by himself.

His wheelchair acts as his legs, but now his custom-built chair is nowhere to be found.

"It's really frustrating and devastating at the same time," said Jack Wilburn, Bowman's father.

Wilburn said they accidentally left it in a Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot and, when they returned, it was gone.

Police said surveillance video captured someone in a maroon minivan taking off with it.

"It hurts. I don't understand what kind of person would take a wheelchair," Bowman said.

Now, Bowman must crawl around and rely on his family to carry him places.

"I can't drive. I can't eat. And, it's gone, and I feel gone."

His wheelchair costs about $10,000.

He lost insurance on it a month ago and can't afford a new one.

He and his family are just praying somehow they'll get his back.

"The Grinch stole the wheelchair and, maybe, like, in the end, he'll have a change of heart, like the Grinch did, and bring it back."

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