Man charged with several DUIs will be sent to prison

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A man who's faced several DUI charges was sentenced in an Oklahoma County courtroom on Monday.

Rob Lee Collins' DUI charges date back to 1989.

According to the state, he's had eight charges related to driving under the influence.

Collins was in court on Monday for cases from 2010, 2011 and 2016.

According to court records of a recent crash at N.W. 150th and May, Collins plowed into another car, later admitting to officers on scene he had been drinking alcohol.

Collins' defense attorney asked the judge to send him to DUI court and help get him the treatment he needs.

The prosecution argued he's had plenty of chances for that.

The judge gave him several sentences of 10 years in prison for multiple charges and two sentences of 20 years, all to be served concurrently.