“You feel like it’s real,” First virtual reality arcade comes to Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Penn Square Mall has a new way for folks to relieve stress during the holidays with Upward VR, a new virtual reality arcade.

"You actually have controllers, so it feels like you have hands in the game. When that level of input is high enough, your brain kind of flips over, and you feel like it's real,” said Will Stackable, co-owner of Upward VR.

No pinball, Pacman or Ski ball here.

Just a virtual reality headset with an incredible view like a game that looks like stepping onto a plank.

"It draws huge crowds. We get 50 to 100 people standing around watching," Stackable said.

Other games include a zombie chase, shooting hoops and even...

"The kitchen. I was doing dishes," said Bryce Buwick, a first-time virtual reality gamer.

This first-timer’s best experience doing chores.

And, for some, watching someone else try it is just as much fun as doing it yourself.

"It's funny to see their reactions in the game and how they perform from outside of the game," Buwick said.

"I think every house is going to have one of these soon," said Tuan Nguyen, a visitor to Upward VR.

But, the headsets at Upward VR are several thousand dollars and come with hand controllers - a more expensive purchase that many households can't afford right now.

"Basically, you can come in and try out this incredible new technology that very few people in the U.S. or anywhere are able to do,” Stackable said.

The owner also wants people to see the arcade as more than a gaming adventure.

"It's a fun thing to come check out, but really my hope is that Oklahomans can see this as a technology that has the ability to impact every business in every single industry," Stackable said.

It's $15 for 15 minutes and gets cheaper the longer you go.

For more information on Upward VR. visit upwardvr.com.