Best of Great State: The Simpson Brothers Old West museum in Enid

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ENID, OKLAHOMA -- If you want a factual guide through the history of the Old West don't ask Larry Simpson or his brother Rick, or Larry's son Colton.

They aren't big on facts in the old Simpson Mercantile, but they are great on the story part.

"It's not a pretty sight but it's something," says Larry. "And there's no extra charge for that."

Back in 2005 we visited just as the old store was fixing to close.

Rick and Larry already had other ideas for the old Mercantile Building and its very thick walls.

They'd already constructed a couple of interior movie sets.

The merchandise had to go.

On our tour Larry says, "This used to be the women's and children's department plus foam rubber in the back. We took care of all the things you might need, and we still have people coming in looking for it."

Well here we are 6 years later and the old store is now a museum like no other, full of old pictures, cavalry stuff, anything from the Old West including one buffalo with really stiff legs.

Rick jokes, "That's how we caught him because he had to run really slow,"

Visitors walk through a new general store that's just for show.

They can see the church live or in their new movie, "Cactus Creek".

The old jail set is still up.

They used that in one of their movies.

They've also added a hotel set complete with rooms, a line shack interior, even a bank set.

The Simpsons would have taken out their mother's old doll collection a long time ago, but she made them promise not to.

Rick says, "Mom made us promise that unless we were starving to death we wouldn't sell the collection."

Larry adds, "And, so far, we're a long way from that sonny."

In 1939 a customer could buy all the materials they needed to build a house right here.

Now it's filled with something else; the materials you need to tell a good tale.

The Simpson's store now sells a whole different line.