Metro mom using disturbing picture to warn of icy pond dangers

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EDMOND, Okla. - Dylan Brumley was walking home from Summit Middle School Monday afternoon when he saw a girl out in the middle of an icy pond in the Marble Leaf neighborhood, near N.W. 150th and Western.

“I just saw someone walking on the ice and two other girls saying 'You can do it,'” Dylan said.

He snapped a picture of the girl and texted it to his mom who came running out of her nearby house to tell the girl to get off the ice.

“At first, they all just kind of looked at me, and I overheard two boys telling her 'You’re going to fall through and get hypothermia. What you’re doing is dumb.' But, there was another girl who was kind of going around the edge, and she was egging her on saying 'You can do it,'” said Diana Brumley.

Diana said the girl did get off the ice but, once she turned her back, she went right back out.

“I turned around to go home and turned around just to check to see what they were doing, and she was back on it in the middle again,” Diana said.

Oklahoma City District Fire Chief Benny Fulkerson said his heart sank when he saw the picture.

“Kids do these types of things. They have no idea what the ramifications can be. So, it scared me to death when I saw that,” Fulkerson said.

Oklahoma City has not had any cold water rescues so far this year, but they have in the past.

“If you’re out on the ice and you do fall through, after about 10 to 15 minutes if you’re lucky, you’re going to start cramping. You’re going to get to where you just can’t move your legs. You’re going to become lethargic. It’s going to become very difficult, and it’s going to happen very quickly,” Fulkerson said.

Diana posted the picture on the Marble Leaf neighborhood Nextdoor app in an effort to find out the girl’s identity.

“Just so word could get out, so maybe her family could tell her that was dangerous. I don’t want to be responsible if anything happened to her,” Diana said.

Diana discovered the girl was a student at Summit Middle School, and she contacted the school where Dylan said they made an announcement earlier this week.

“It said to stay off the ice because it’s dangerous to be on the lakes and stuff,” Dylan said.

Fortunately, the girl did not fall through the ice, but the Brumley family hopes this serves as a warning to kids and a reminder to parents to make sure your kids understand the dangers of icy ponds.

“Especially, if you’re out in the middle, you fall through, how would someone help you? I mean you would be hypothermic before the firemen get here. And, I would be worried that other children would get hurt in the process of trying to help them,” Diana said.