Good Samaritan hangs Christmas lights after installer takes money, doesn’t come back

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EDMOND, Okla. - Decorating her dog grooming and kennel business inside is one thing, but Dawn King wanted to make sure her Christmas spirit could be seen by people passing by outside.

Things got off to a promising start.

She called Jack Hudson - a man she used last Christmas - just after Thanksgiving to get the ball rolling.

But, after he installed hooks and adhesive and King paid him $175, he took her lights and took off.

"We'd text back and forth and back and forth, and every day it was something," said King, who owns Dawn's Barking Lot in Edmond. "He says 'I'll be out tonight. I'll be out in the morning. I'll be out tomorrow. I'll have them up there by Monday.' And, finally, I just got so aggravated. I thought 'Well, I'll put it on Facebook.' And, I couldn't believe the response I got from people."

The response came from a man named Brandon Friend, who saw the Facebook post and wanted to help.

"I do not like people doing stuff like that," he said. "I know how it is, and I've seen it done a lot and I figured I could lend a helping hand."

So, after work, Friend stopped by the shop and put up lights for free.

"I was raised that way, so that's just me and how I am," he told NewsChannel 4. "This is one way I found I can give back to the community."

Days before the holiday she loves, King is grateful for Friend's good deed.

"It was very heartfelt," she said. "It was just so nice that this young man would offer to come and do that for a total stranger. I told him he can take them down for me, and I will pay him and he's going to come back next year and put them up for me."

King never heard back from Hudson, whose name and number she found on a sign the year before.

But, in her mailbox Wednesday, she found her Christmas lights and about $55 in cash, with a handwritten bill signed by Hudson.

He charged her for the adhesive and the labor despite never finishing the job.

King isn't worried about it now.

She's just happy this ordeal is over.

"You know what? I don't care anymore," she said. "I don't. I got my Christmas lights."