“It really spread,” Puppy missing, house destroyed after fire in Guthrie

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GUTHRIE, Okla. – Fire crews battled a house fire early Wednesday morning.

The home owners got out safely, but one puppy is dead and another hasn’t been found.

Fire officials said the fire started around midnight on Wednesday at a home on Midwest Boulevard.

“Boy, I mean it really spread,” said Tommy Joe Patterson, the homeowner.

Patterson and his wife said they’re lucky to be alive after their house went up in flames.

“We heard the doorbell, which was the one at the back, bing, and it might be the fire was cutting everything loose and it set the fire alarm off,” Patterson said.

It was because of that alarm the two got out of the home quickly and safely but not before Patterson’s wife tried to find out how it happened.

“She went out to the back door to the utility room and opened the back door. The smoke just came pouring in, and you could see the fire going up around the stove,” Patterson said.

Fire officials believe the fire started in the back porch with a wood burning stove.

Patterson said his son was using the stove to keep their puppies warm.

“We just got them today. They were only about five, almost six weeks old,” Patterson said.

One puppy didn’t survive the fire.

The other puppy hasn’t been found.

Fire officials said the flames spread quickly from the back porch to the attic.

"Due to the construction of the house, they had a lot of add-ons, so there was a lot of different voids and heavy decking on the ceiling, which made access difficult,” said Erin Jones with the Guthrie Fire Department.

Officials said the home is a total loss.

Patterson told NewsChannel 4 his daughter salvaged what they could from the rubble.