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15-year-old arrested for murder in Garvin County

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HENNEPIN, Okla. - A 15-year-old was arrested for first-degree murder in Garvin County for allegedly shooting and killing a 23-year-old relative.

The 911 call came in around 8:15 Wednesday night from the small town of Hennepin in far southwest Garvin County.

The victim was found in an outbuilding next to a house with a gunshot wound to the head.

The sheriff said it was the mother of the alleged shooter who made the 911 call, and he said her story just didn’t add up.

“And, he’s got a hole in his head, and he ain’t speaking or breathing,” said the 911 caller.

“Our 911 center received a call of a male who was unresponsive and bleeding from the head,” said Garvin County sheriff Larry Rhodes. “What was strange was the scene was missing a firearm.”

Investigators eventually found the gun they believe was used in the attic of another family member’s house a couple miles away.

“The kids got so scared. They didn’t know what was going on. I told them to go to my mom and dad’s and just calm down,” said the 911 caller.

The caller tells the 911 dispatcher it must have been an accident.

“You don’t know why he’s bleeding?” said the dispatcher.

“I don’t know. They were picking up stuff from the floor. I have rocks on the floor. It could’ve been a bullet or whatever when they threw it in or something ignited,” said the caller.

“The initial call was that maybe it was an accident that had happened in a fire that was burning there, possibly a bullet was thrown into the fire pit. But, our scene investigation did not corroborate that initial story,” Rhodes said.

The sheriff has identified the victim as Allen Counts, 23, a cousin of the alleged shooter.

He said Counts had been living with the family for a short time.

“He was estranged from his family, from his home. And, he had moved in with family at this house a couple of weeks ago,” Rhodes said.

Right now, the 15-year-old is the only one arrested, but the sheriff said more arrests are possible.

It’s a disturbing case for the small town of Hennepin and for Garvin County, where this is their first homicide in several years.

“Very unusual for a juvenile to be charged murder in the first-degree in such a violent shooting,” Rhodes said.

Officials are not releasing the juvenile’s name.

He is expected in court next week.