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Couple worried about making it to their destination wedding

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EDMOND, Okla. - Jason Nashert and fiance Amanda Holderman are doing an all inclusive destination wedding and honeymoon at the Sandals Resort in Saint Lucia, which has worked out great.

It’s their airline tickets that have them in a tizzy.

The couple purchased them through Delta Air Lines well in advance, only to find out Delta changed their flights on them, they said without a heads up. 

“It was probably 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock at night,” Amanda said. “Sandals calls me, and they leave a voicemail, and it says that I should call them right away, because my flight schedules have changed and this effects my travel, and I was a little freaked out by that.”

Not only did the flights change but so did the dates of the trip, cutting into the couple's honeymoon and throwing a major kink in their wedding plans, since they plan to establish residency on the island to get their marriage license in time.  

“We're right on the cusp of our 72 hours, because we're getting married on a Tuesday, so we need to be there on a Wednesday to make those hours work,” Amanda said.

A Delta representative said, due to customer privacy, he can't answer our questions about Jason and Amanda's situation but did send us this statement:  

"Every customer’s journey is important, so we regret when unexpected changes occur. Delta reminds customers that all flights are subject to scheduled change. If we make a significant scheduled adjustment, we will proactively notify customers in advance via email. On all travel that requires early arrival, we encourage customers to be aware of potential operational delays (weather, bags, maintenance) and schedule flights accordingly." - Anthony Black, Delta

Jason and Amanda said, if anyone sent them a notification, they never saw it.

Right now, Jason and Amanda's revised travel reservations with Delta will get them to their wedding on time but only if they do overnight layovers in Atlanta to and from St. Lucia, which means taking more time off work and more out of pocket expenses to cover their hotel accommodations.

“Delta offered something that was worth $1,900, and then they gave us something that's worth a lot less, because we would have never booked their flights,” Jason said.

It looks like Delta intends to please Jason and Amanda. They're offering them $300 to cover their hotel expenses, plus two $100 vouchers for future travel.  

Remember: the further out you book a trip the further opportunity there is for changes to your travel schedule, especially when you're connecting in another city.