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“It just wasn’t a good decision,” Boy needs rescue after falling through ice on pond

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A teenage boy is recovering after falling through a sheet of thin ice, into a frigid pond.

The 16-year-old was playing disc golf with friends, Guthrie Police told NewsChannel 4, when a basketball caught his eye.

"He decided, unwisely, and against the suggestions of all the friends that were with him to crawl out on the ice to go get the ball," said GPD Sgt. Anthony Gibbs. "It just wasn't a good decision."

As the boy neared the ball, some 20 yards away from shore, the ice cracked and the boy fell into the water.

"Even though he was only out from the bank maybe 20 yards when he broke through, he wasn't able to touch the bottom there and pull himself out," Gibbs said. "When you try to turn around and pull yourself back up on the ice, many times it just continues to break and break and break."

A bystander called 911, while another ran to a nearby car to get a blanket.

The boy's friends, meanwhile, inched out onto the ice with a branch, as the teen struggled.

"When the water's this cold, the extremities don't want to work, all the blood kind of goes to the core, making it harder and harder to move," Gibbs said. "So, the ice continued to break as he tried to make his way back to shore, all the while getting colder and colder."

Within minutes, his friends reached him with a tree branch, as paramedics arrived on scene.

The boy is expected to recover.

First responders encourage people to stay on shore, noting, in Oklahoma, winters are almost never cold enough for a solid, safe sheet of ice.

Parents expressed concern Wednesday, when they saw students in Edmond walking out on a frozen pond.

In the event you do fall through ice, Guthrie police said it's best to head back the way you came, where the ice is thicker.

Rest your arms on a sheet of ice and kick your feet until your body is on the same plane as the ice.

From there, crawl on to the ice and roll away to safety.