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Home Depot employee gives rescue dog lifesaving gift

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WELLISTON, Vt. – By looking at Gus the Bulldog, you may never know anything was ever wrong with him.

However, volunteers with the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue say the 3-year-old dog was rescued from a neglectful home.

“Skeleton, skin infections, eye infections, teeth were completely rotted in his mouth. He was still intact, possibly being used for breeding. He was just a health disaster,” said Dawna Pederzani.

Gus had to undergo multiple surgeries and veterinarians eventually learned that he had megaesophagus, a life-threatening condition.

“Their nose is shortened, everything is squished. When they regurgitate and they breathe in, they breathe the food back into their lungs,” she told WFFF.

Volunteers found out the a ‘Bailey Chair’ could help his condition. The chair forces dogs to sit upright when they eat, forcing their food to pass through their esophagus normally.

Pederzani went to Home Depot but soon realized she wouldn’t be able to build the chair after having shoulder surgery. A Home Depot employee, Corey Shanteau, offered to build the chair for free.

“I don’t think Corey thought it was a big deal, but for us it’s huge. For him, it’s huge,” she said.