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Oklahoma animal rescue pledges “justice for Janice”

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CARNEGIE, Oka. - When the sweet pit bull mix was adopted two years ago, Rainbow Bridge Can Wait Animal Rescue thought she was going to a great home.

"I cried so hard. I feel responsible, like I let her down," said Director Carol Skinner. "We do our best to screen."

But, two years later, Janice was found abandoned at a dog park.

Witnesses said she was left with a small bowl of food and showed horrible signs of abuse.

Her teeth were ground down from gnawing on steel bars.

"Her teeth were checked out. She has cage teeth, which means she was in a cage and chewing at the cage," Skinner said.

Janice was emaciated, could barely see and, worst of all, her skull had been fractured.

"Her head looked, appeared to be smashed in by a baseball bat," Skinner said.

Nobody has been arrested or charged for the abuse.

Rainbow Bridge is hoping a series of tests on Janice can shed light on what she's endured over the two years since her adoption.

"There is going to be some kind of justice for Janice. This isn't going to go away," Skinner told NewsChannel 4.

Medical bills are expected to exceed $2,000.

If you'd like to help deflect some of the costs, visit their Facebook page: