Dear. Mr. Thief: Cops leave epic note to shoplifter

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It just might be the best police note ever.

Police in Marietta, Georgia, put up a humorous post on Facebook, addressed to a shoplifter at a pawn shop who apparently still has a lot to learn about the theft game. Like, not leaving your ID. Or fingerprints. Or not doing your dirty work in full view of the cameras.

“Sir, you must have forgot that you gave the clerk your driver’s license with ALL of your personal information as well as providing him with your fingerprint when completing the pawn ticket before you stole from him which, by the way was also all on camera,” the post reads.

Then the cops issued the man a challenge — and chided him for making their job a little too easy.

“Please at least try to hide. The judge has already signed the warrant. When you make it this easy it takes all the fun out of chasing bad guys!”

The next day, Marietta police tweeted rather sarcastically that the guy — accused of stealing a military knife worth $200 from the pawn shop — had been caught.

“Fortunately (for us) he turned out to be just as bad at hide & seek as he is at stealing. He was picked up by our Morning Watch Officer after a search, it was quite short …”

Police identified the man as Dale Jonathan Tice and said he was arrested at a local motel on theft and drug charges.

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