Oklahoma woman says road rage incident ended with racial slurs, broken window

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MUSKOGEE, Okla. – Police are investigating after an Oklahoma couple says they were targeted in a violent road rage incident.

On Monday afternoon, Rhonda Johnson says she was driving home on the Muskogee Turnpike when she noticed a truck following her.

“He was in the left lane, the fast lane, and we were just trying to get around,” she said.

The driver of a maroon Nissan Frontier truck followed her for miles, ending up in the Walgreens parking lot in Muskogee.

“He’s calling us everything, all kinds of, you know, bad names,” she said.

Johnson says she watched the man get out of his truck with something in his hand and walk to her car.

“I thought it was a gun, actually,” she told FOX 23.

Instead, Johnson says the man had a tire iron and broke out the back windshield of her car.

Muskogee police say a report has been filed and they are investigating the allegations.

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