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Sugar Bowl Is Familiar Territory For Sooners

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Oklahoma and Auburn will meet Monday night in the Sugar Bowl at the Superdome and the head coaches for both the Tigers and the Sooners met the media in this very room on Sunday morning, a day before the game.

For Oklahoma, not all of the talk is about the Sugar Bowl matchup against Auburn. Much of the talk is still about the Joe Mixon incident and how the Sooners handled it.

Within the last two weeks, we saw the release of the video in which he punched Amelia Molitor in the face in an incident on campus corner in the summer of 2014.

Bob Stoops then had a press conference to address the video, and Joe Mixon had one as well, to apologize to Molitor and everyone involved.

Today at the press conference this morning, Stoops was asked how the Sooners handled the situation.

"I can't say I have been able to keep up entirely with all that has happened. I know in the end, I gave our reasoning and our intention to help; you know, build a young man and give him a second chance. And that's what we did, you know, two and a half years ago, and I feel like this young 18 year old deserved that opportunity and has made the most of it, really, overall. He has been given another opportunity, and has grown from it, and it's really been a positive influence around our team."
Coming up later in sports, Stoops will address OU`s comfort level here at the Sugar Bowl. This is their second trip here in the last four years and the third in the Stoops era.