“It’s disgusting,” Woman says aircraft dumped human waste on property

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Planes drop human waste on Utah home

WEST JORDAN, Utah – While a lot of Americans were hoping for a bit of snow during the holidays, one Utah woman said she was busy cleaning up a different mess that fell from the sky.

“It’s disgusting,” Bethany Bowker said.

When Bowker was going to pick up her children from school, she noticed a foul smell coming from her yard.

She soon realized it was human waste all over her property.

Bowker told KSL that it has happened before but not to this extent. She lives just south of Salt Lake International Airport and believes that a commercial aircraft released the waste at the wrong time.

The FAA regional office sent KSL the following statement:

“The FAA periodically receives reports of blue ice (frozen wastewater) falling on a house. If the person can tell us exactly when and where it happened, we can try to run radar replays to see if an aircraft flew overhead around that time. We don’t provide any advice on how to clean up blue ice.”

Airport officials say Bowker should call the non-emergency dispatch number for 911 to report a hazardous material clean up.

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