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He’s a police chief by day but the King of Rock ‘n Roll on stage

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ALEX, OKLAHOMA -- He's the police chief in the town of Alex now so no one ca really say anything about what would normally be the 'against regulation' length of his sideburns or the over the collar length of his hair.

"The town's okay with the sideburns," says Chief Tim Keef. "So I'm good too."

Tim Keef went over all that when he joined the force more than a decade ago.

After all his love for police work isn't nearly as old as his live for the 'King of Rock 'n Roll'.

Keef grew up with his parents Elvis record and a steady diet of Elvis movies on weekend TV.

He went to one of the King's last concerts and, from there, just started dressing like him.

Keef says, "I bought the disco shirts because it looked like that's kind of what he wore. I'd go to the malls and draw lots of attention so it kind of led from that."

Keef took karate like Elvis.

The original Presley appreciated law enforcement too.

"He loved the police," says Tim. "He collected police badges."

It was only natural for Keef to take the stage as an Elvis tribute artist.

He's traveled all over the country in his collection of jump suits.

The King's mannerisms are something the Chief has pored over like crucial evidence in a major crime.

Keef demonstrates, "When he was playing a show or something he'd get down and do his karate moves."

Elvis impersonators, he says, "These guys will get down here to take a picture like this and it's real cheesy."

The 'Chief of Rock 'n Roll' in Alex isn't shy about his musical tastes.

Most people around here just call him Elvis.

He'll even sign traffic tickets that way if you insist.

Recalling a woman he'd pulled over, Keef says, "She wanted me to sign it as Elvis so I signed it again."

The King of Rock 'n Roll may be gone but the 'Chief of Rock 'n Roll' is still on patrol.

Tim Keef's next appearance as Elvis is scheduled for February 18th at a musical review titled 'A Night to Remember' on the UCO campus in Edmond.