Oklahoma man sentenced to 67 years for ‘absolute worst’ child sexual abuse case

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ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was sentenced to 67 years in prison following what the prosecutor said was the “worst case of child sexual abuse she’s ever seen.”

In 2015, federal agents arrested Kenneth Batten during part of a nationwide mission called “Operation Predator,” according to FOX 23.

The Tulsa World reports that Batten went by “incestlover12” online, and would distribute child pornography using the KIK app.

KJRH reports that Batten admitted to authorities that he had downloaded child pornography, produced and distributed child pornography of an infant family member and raped the child with an object.

Court records indicate that Batten sexually assaulted a 1-year-old girl several times.

The prosecutor says the pornography that Batten produced was the “absolute worst” that she has had to watch.

He eventually pleaded guilty to charges of rape by instrumentation, possession of juvenile pornography, soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology and eight counts of child sexual abuse.

Batten was sentenced to 37 years for nine counts of rape and sexual abuse in the assault of a family member..

He was sentenced to 20 years for manufacturing and distributing child pornography and 10 years for soliciting sexual conduct through use of technology.

Officials say the sentences will run concurrently.

In 2016, Batten was sentenced to 25 years on a related case involving the sexual exploitation of a child.