Slick conditions on roadways could stick around

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Winter weather is upon us, and highway officials are reminding you to drive cautiously.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is one of several agencies that have been preparing for winter weather.

"It snowed Friday, our guys were actually preparing earlier in the week, getting the equipment ready. Then they'll go out Wednesday night, Thursday afternoon and start treating all of the bridges and overpasses,” Jack Damrill, with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, said.

Bridges and overpasses often are the first places that freeze, but experts say ramps that allow you to merge onto the turnpike are sure to cause headaches.

"Those ramps are the last to be cleared. We clear the lanes of traffic first and then we clear the ramps. What was happening was people were trying to merge, snow packed ramps, people were getting caught in there,” Damrill said.

Even as the snow and ice starts to melt, we’re not out of the woods yet.

"That melts, it turns to water and then we go back below freezing, that's when you get ice. So, the slippery conditions, they're not going away any time soon,” the 4Warn Storm Team’s Aaron Brackett said.

These are reasons why it’s important to remember to drive slowly during winter weather, especially with the threat of black ice.

"It doesn't matter if there's an inch or a millimeter between your tire and the surface, anything in between is going to cause you problems. Black ice is dangerous because you may not alter your driving because you might not notice it's there,” Brackett said.