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Snow day becomes challenge for Oklahoma schools with hungry kids

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- All of the major metropolitan public school districts cancelled classes on Friday.

Since this snow day fell on a Friday, many students will face hunger this weekend.

About 18,000 children in central and western Oklahoma take advantage of the Regional Food Bank's 'Food For Kids' program.

For most kids, no school on Friday means they won't get a backpack of free food to help get them through the weekend.

"The Food For Kids' program provides food for elementary school children who are chronically hungry," said the Regional Food Bank's Angie Doss. "They get food for the weekends and school holidays."

The Regional Food Bank supplies the food for the backpack program. They deliver the backpacks to the schools every week.

Schools do have an option to send the backpacks home early, in the event school is unexpectedly cancelled on a Friday.

In Oklahoma City Public Schools, the decision about sending the packs home is made at each school building.

Since the snow hadn't started falling on Thursday afternoon when school let out, most schools did not send the backpacks home early.

None of the districts officially cancelled classes until early Friday morning.

The situation made for a desperately hungry weekend for thousands of kids across central Oklahoma.

However, the principal at MLK Elementary opened the doors Friday afternoon so her students could get their food backpacks.

A small team of volunteers with a heart of gold worked on their snow day because they know their kids depend on this kind of help.

If you are in need of food assistance this weekend, visit the Regional Food Bank's website for food pantry location information.

Many food pantries are expected to open on Saturday to help those who were shut out because of inclement weather on Friday.