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Detective saves toddler nearly hit by truck in parking lot

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Deputy Charles Israel was working off-duty last week, patrolling the Food Depot on Broad Street, when he noticed a toddler wandering in the parking lot.

FAIRBURN, Ga. – A detective in Georgia is being credited with saving a child life in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Last week, WSBTV reports that Detective Charles Israel was working off-duty security at the Food Depot when he spotted a 3-year-old wandering in the parking lot.

At the same time, a truck began to back out of a parking spot.

“I don’t think the truck even saw me. It definitely didn’t see the child. Even on a clear night, he’d never see the child due to his height,” Israel said.

Israel sprinted across the parking lot and grabbed him out of harm’s way.

A witness called to report Israel’s good deed to his superiors. He says he is grateful the child wasn’t hurt, and would like the chance to meet the child and the child’s family in person.