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Woman charged with hate crime after ‘Spanish privilege’ rant on Facebook Live

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KING COUNTY, Wash. – A Washington woman is being charged with a hate crime after she allegedly posted a threatening video on Facebook.

Authorities tell KIRO that 48-year-old Sandra Jametski is being charged with malicious harassment, which falls under the state’s hate crime statute.

Prosecutors allege that Jametski followed a neighbor to her child’s school while recording a racist rant on her phone.

“This is what we call Spanish privilege. And she’s going to right where I used to live! Welcome to my neighborhood,” she is heard saying.

Authorities say Jametski shot the 10 minute video as she was following the woman to the school. Once at the school, the video shows Jametski getting out of her car and confronting the woman.

Investigators say she used a racial slur, threatened the woman and admitted to stalking.

“That Corvette that keeps coming by your house, that’s me,” she is heard saying.

Prosecutors say Jametski blames the family for a car accident last year, but police records indicate that she was the one at fault.