Oklahoma man spends over 9 hours completing “dumbest challenge ever”

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OKLAHOMA – An Oklahoma man spent over nine hours completing what he calls the “dumbest challenge ever.”

Hunter Hobbs wanted to see how long it would take to get to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet by continuously holding down the arrow key.

He grabbed some food and water and set out on his journey.

“The Dumbest challenge ever that someone had to do: No shortcuts(Ctrl+down), no breaks, just trying to reach the very bottom of Excel by holding the down arrow key without letting go,” Hobbs wrote in the video’s YouTube description.

Thanks to Hobbs’ dedication, we know it takes nine hours, 36 minutes, and 10 seconds to reach the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet.

Hobbs recorded his challenge and posted it on YouTube.

“I’m tired, I’m hungry, and my hands really hurt, which is pretty sad,” he says upon reaching the end. “That was the Excel Challenge. Don’t do it.”

Video of Hobbs’ challenge has gone viral, receiving more than 480,000 views as of this writing.

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