Trooper talks about shootout with Michael Vance Jr.

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For the first time, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper who played a key role in shooting and killing Michael Vance Junior is sharing his story.

You will remember, the week-long manhunt that started late October that had Oklahoma on edge.

Vance was wanted for killing two family members, shooting two Wellston police officers and shooting two others during separate carjackings.

His alleged crime spree ended not long after shooting the Dewey County Sheriff.

OHP Trooper Brian Costanza was the first to pursue Vance down a dirt road in Custer County.

The dashcam video that shows his pursuit with Vance is unforgettable.

“Every time I watched it, I could feel the adrenaline kicking in again. I could feel my heart beating fast again,” Costanza said. “My main focus was to stop him from making it to the next road block."

In the video, you see him pull out his rifle and begin firing through his windshield.

He said his only fear was not being able to protect his brothers on the front lines.

“I felt blessed just to have been given that opportunity to stop this guy. This is the guy that you train for,” Costanza said.

After an intense shootout, Costanza along with several other officers ended Vance's life.

Amazingly enough, none of them were hurt, though bullets came just inches away.

“There’s so many things in this entire scenario that you’re like wow. You can’t explain it, other than God had his hand in it,” Constanza said.

Constanza was just recently taken off paid administrative leave and is back to work.

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