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“I did save the wedding dress,” woman plans to wear original wedding dress on 50th anniversary celebration

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – “I keep a lot of things. I probably should have thrown several things away, but I am a pack rat.”

Annie Barnes finds it hard to throw anything away.

In March, she and her husband Gene will celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Her habit of keeping things will actually come in handy this year.

“I did save the wedding dress.”

From a box of a keepsakes comes Barnes wedding dress from March 1967, with a few wrinkles of course.

Barnes told WREG, she and Gene will renew their vows on March 26, 2017, on a Sunday, just like when they first said “I do.”

“When I was looking at the calendar and I saw that our 50th is on a Sunday, March 26th,  Sunday 2017, I got real excited then. I said we must do this. We must make a special effort to celebrate this day.”

“Something special would be wearing the dress that I wore 50 years ago.”

Barnes says the dress fits a little snug now, but plans to alterations herself.

She says she’s happy that something “old” wont be an issue at her wedding celebration.

“I hadn’t thought about that. Now you are getting me excited all over again,” Barnes giggled.

Her wedding dress isn’t the only item of clothing she’s kept.

She still has her prom dress from the 1960s.