‘It kind of caught everybody by surprise:’ Small-scale power outages hit metro

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OKLAHOMA CITY — More than 2,000 people briefly lost power in the metro area Saturday night, at the tail end of a winter storm.

“Before you knew it, boom,” said John Thomas, who lives near S.E. 23rd and Western. “No power, no TV, no football game. We looked left, we looked right. Everything was dark."

OG&E did not immediately know the cause of the outages, which began around 5 p.m.

The utility dispatched teams of “troubleshooters” to affected areas and restored power within hours in most cases.

Thomas lit candles and relied on natural gas to heat his home.

Still, the outage caught him off guard, after he figured the storm was winding down.

“At that point I was just scratching my head,” he said. “We took all the necessary precautions. I just can’t believe it was powerful enough to take the power out. It kind of caught everybody by surprise.”

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