Summertime heat bringing triple digit temperatures to the forecast

Mild ice storm brings ‘relief’ west of metro

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EL RENO, Okla. — An ice storm that fell short of meteorologist expectations exceeded Charles Killingsworth’s.

"We were prepared for a lot worse and like I said it’s a blessing,” he told NewsChannel 4 Saturday afternoon. “It could’ve been a lot worse. I haven’t seen the ambulances or heard them. That means people were safe.”

El Reno reported slick spots in the morning, encouraging drivers to stay off the roads.

But by late morning and early afternoon, much of the ice had thawed and more people made the decision to venture outside and get things done.

“They said it was going to be way worse this year but it wasn’t,” said Jadie Hockett, who sat with Emily Ryan in Iron Tree Coffee. “It wasn’t as bad as everybody said it was going to be. So that was a relief.”

Ryan, who said the last few days were “boring” sitting “stuck at home,” sipped an iced coffee, even as the slippery stuff coated the sidewalks outside.

“I think it’s better to like prepare people for something that could be bad and then it didn’t turn out as bad,” she said. “So people were prepared for it.”

Sitting at a table across the cafe, Rod and Lauren Young didn’t mind seeing an incorrect forecast.

The small propane heater they bought in case of power outages stayed in the box all weekend.

Chris Killingsworth didn’t need to use his generator either.

“Thank God,” he said with a laugh, adding he didn't mind if the forecast was off. “Would you prefer to be told you were going to have a car accident and you didn’t?”

Instead of feeling upset about the over-preparation ahead of an ice-filled forecast, Killingsworth said he feels thankful.

“Actually I kind of enjoyed having time back with my family and not have to worry about how many people we’ve got loaded up in our living room,” he said. “It could have been worse.”