Semi-truck carrying match light charcoal catches fire along westbound I-44

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OKLAHOMA CITY – No one was injured when a semi-truck suddenly caught fire along a busy interstate.

Shortly before 1 p.m., fire crews were called to the westbound lanes of I-44 near May on a car fire.

When firefighters arrived, they saw flames and smoke coming from the engine of a semi-truck on the shoulder.

Fire crews were able to put out the flames, but the scene was causing traffic to back up in the area.

Firefighters say the trailer was almost full of match light charcoal, which could have made the fire worse if it hadn’t been put out quickly.

The driver told authorities he heard some hissing under the passenger seat and then smoke started filling the cab. He immediately pulled over and escaped the vehicle uninjured.


Description:I-44 near May West bound side

Description:I-44 near May West bound side

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