Oklahoma lawmaker proposes bill to crack down on distracted driving in memory of teacher

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Bill In Memory Of Former Owasso Teacher Killed Last May

OWASSO, Okla. – An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed a bill in memory of a teacher who was killed by a distracted driver in May.

Gail Lambert says her daughter, Bobbi White, was killed by a distracted driver last May in a construction zone.

“I don’t want to be angry, I don’t,” she told KJRH. “But my daughter is gone, so it’s rough.”

For the past seven months, White has been pressuring lawmakers to crack down on distracted drivers.

Now, one Oklahoma lawmaker says he is doing something to make sure this tragedy doesn’t happen again.

Sen. J.J. Dossett filed the ‘Bobbi White Act.’

“If you get pulled over for texting and driving, you could just say, ‘I’m not texting,” Dossett said. “You have your privacy rights and people can’t look through your phone without your permission. So we need to be able to say that you can’t have something in your hand and be looking at it while your vehicle is in motion.”

The bill would make it illegal for drivers to have their phone in their hands in a school or construction zone.

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