Plumber at Oklahoma jail arrested for allegedly bribing inmates to strip

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Plumber for Garvin county jail arrested for giving inmates cigarettes to strip

GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. – A plumber, who was hired by a county jail, is now facing charges for inappropriate actions with female inmates.

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes tells KXII that Gregory Smyth was arrested for sneaking contraband into the jail.

“It was reported and alleged that a sub-contractor working on the jail expansion put the cigarettes into the jail through a return duct,” Rhodes said.

Court records indicate that Smyth, who was working as a plumber above the female inmates’ cells, started talking to them through the vents.

The affidavit states that the inmates couldn’t see Smyth, but he could look into their cells.

He reportedly told the inmates that if they flashed him, he would give them cigarettes.

Smyth was arrested, and authorities learned he was wanted in two other counties.

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