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Prepare for an increase in baby Donalds – would you name your baby after a president?

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The name Donald, meaning "proud chief," was the sixth most popular name for baby boys in the year 1943.

However, the name plummeted to number 441 by 2015, hitting an all-time low on the Social Security Administration's list.

Then Donald Trump began his campaign to become "proud chief" of the United States, and the name Donald began to climb back up the ladder.

BabyCenter is a popular website for pregnant moms and parents. Among its list of 115,000 registered baby names, the website crunched the numbers and found that the name Donald increased by nearly 8 percent in just the first half of 2016.

In that same time frame, BabyCenter also found the name Melania rose by 36 percent, while Ivanka saw a 4 percent increase.

Now that "The Donald" is our new commander-in-chief, experts expect his name to become even more popular with patriotic new parents.

Before the election, BabyCenter also tabulated the numbers for Trump's Democratic opponent.

The Clinton family names soared on the charts with the name Hillary rising 142 percent from 2015 to 2016, while Bill increased by 113 percent, Chelsea saw an 18 percent hike, and Charlotte jumped by 17 percent.

BabyCenter executives wondered whether that political baby name data could predict this presidential election, with parents choosing to name their new bundle after their favorite candidate.

That was the case in 1932, when the name Franklin rose by 151 percent during Roosevelt's campaign and eventual landslide win for the White House over Herbert Hoover.

That hypothesis, however, did not prove true in the latest election.

Hillary's name may have won the baby name charts, but Donald won the presidency.

Perhaps one reason the name Donald only saw an 8 percent increase had more to do with parents choosing more popular names for their baby boys, like Aiden, Ethan, Caden, and Grayson.

FUN FACT:  Had Trump's grandfather, Frederick Drumpf, not changed his last name after immigrating from Germany to the U.S., our new president would be named Donald Drumpf!

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