Teacher caught stealing pills from student is able to keep her job

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An elementary school teacher in Rutherford County was caught on camera stealing prescription pills from one of her students, but she was never fired. (1-19-17)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – An elementary school teacher was able to keep her job even though she admitted to stealing medication from a student.

On Oct. 4, surveillance cameras at an elementary school in Tennessee captured Jessica Holland taking Adderall pills from a locked closet in the nurse’s office.

When she was arrested, WSMV reports that she admitted to stealing the pills because they “helped her focus and be a better teacher.”

Holland was charged with theft and possession of a schedule 2 drug, but a judge retired her case. Instead of going to jail, she was required to take four drug screenings and counseling.

Holland, a first-grade teacher, was suspended for two months without pay and transferred her to another elementary school in the district.

“The judicial system chose not to prosecute Ms. Holland, so she hasn’t been convicted or found guilty of any crime,” a statement from Rutherford County Schools read in part.


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