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Missing puppy found in tow lot wreckage after car crash

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DENVER, Colo. - "He's been with us about a month now. He's just the love of our life," said 45-year-old Desert Storm veteran Rudy Rodriguez.

It took just a short amount of time for Rodriguez and his 10-week-old chihuahua puppy, Clyde, to be best friends.

However, that friendship almost ended when Rodriguez and his daughter were in a car crash.

The car, driven by Rodriguez's daughter, Davernia, disconnected with the trailer they were towing and decided to stop along the overpass.

Rodriguez told KDVR, he got out of the vehicle to fix the trailer, when he saw Davernia drive across lanes of traffic into the path of an RTD bus.

"The bus came and she probably looked and as soon as she pulled out, the bus was coming around and it struck her first," Rodriguez said.

Their car was totaled, and thankfully, nobody was injured.

Except one thing was missing: Clyde.

"Oh, Clyde. We gotta' look for Clyde. I went over, I called for him," Rodriguez said.

Clyde was not found that day.

The next day, Rodriguez decided to stop by the tow yard lot to grab some belongings from the torn up car, but was shocked at what he found instead.

"I opened this door here, and I found Clyde right underneath that seat. In the car, underneath the seat," he said.

Clyde was excited to see Rudy, and is expected to be just fine.

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