Oklahoma widow takes frustrations to Facebook after being banned from courthouse

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NORMAN, Okla. -  Nair Rodriguez is still seeking justice for the 2014 Valentine's Day death of her husband, Luis Rodriguez.

And, nearly three years later, the widow is taking her frustrations to Facebook.

The December video comes after Nair learned she and her daughter would not be allowed to attend depositions involving the five officers she's currently suing.

Attorneys for the officers said, prior to the post, Nair was threatening the lives of the officers and their lawyers.

But, she said that's not the case and she didn't mean any harm.

“Out of frustration, I called them pigs. They banned not just me but my whole family,” Nair said.

But, lawyers for the officers disagree.

“And, she's saying ‘I'm very frustrated. I need somebody to come down here and help me get justice' and, sadly, in this day and age, yes, I feel like that's a threat,” said David Kirk.

Attorneys asked the federal court to ban Nair from not just the depositions but coming anywhere near the courthouse - a motion the court granted.

“Not trying to stop a lawsuit, but just prohibiting Mrs. Rodriguez from being present at the depositions of the officers involved so that there wouldn't be any more threats,” Kirk said.

Nair said she'll continue to fight to bring justice for her husband, regardless of the consequences.

“But, if the truth will come that I have to face jail, I will face jail with dignity,” she said.

Nair's attorneys are asking the court to remove the sanctions against her.

They said the video did not interfere with the deposition.

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