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Order an “Angel Shot” for a bartender’s help to escape a dangerous date

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Bad dates are one thing, dangerous dates are quite another.

Low Key Piano Bar in Tempe, Arizona has joined a growing list of restaurants and bars to offer women an escape from a potentially dangerous date.

The patron simply has to ask the bartender for an "Angel Shot," which is code for asking for help. (The drink code names change frequently and are updated and posted in the women's restroom at participating establishments.)

"We get females all the time and they say, 'This guy is crazy. Can you do something with him?'" said Low Key Bar Owner Austin Walter. "A lot of times, what happens is the male overhears them, and then they start flipping out."

Not anymore. In many establishments, if the woman requests an Angel Shot with lime, the bartender will call police.

If she asks for one neat, a bartender or security guard will walk the customer to their car.

Ask for ice and the establishment will call a taxi, an Uber, or a Lyft.

While men can also find themselves the victims of a dangerous date, this safety effort, for now, is geared toward women only. Here's why:

Establishments want women to know the Angel Shots option exists, but as word gets out, those same establishments must change the code word from time to time to prevent a potentially dangerous date from knowing what the term entails.

Therefore, Angel Shots is becoming the name of the program, while the drink code names change to words such as "Rachelle" or "Jennifer," as they have at a bar in England.

To change the code word, participating restaurants and bars hang posters in the women's restroom, letting them know that "Angel Shots" has been updated to a different secret drink order.

Should those establishments make the same program available to men, hanging the same posters in the men's bathroom, the suspects from whom the women are trying to escape would also know the code word.

However, in the future, establishments might also create a similar program for men but with a different code word than the women's secret call for help.

A restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida is also participating in the Angel Shots safety effort.

Iberian Rooster posted a sign in the women's restroom, which reads, "Is your Tinder or Plenty of Fish date not who they said they were on their profile?"

The initiative is happening around the world, including South Africa, the U.K., and Canada.

In England, the Lincolnshire Rape Crisis support service has created a similar program, but instead of Angel Shots, women can ask the bartender for an "Angela."

A restaurant in Calgary has a slightly different method. Instead of ordering the drink neat, should a customer want to be walked to their vehicle, they ask for an Angel Shot with whipped cream.

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