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‘We never went to bed angry,’ Woman remembers husband of 43 years killed in tragic crash

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KANSAS CITY, Miss. - A 67-year-old woman is speaking out about her husband who died in a tragic 'freak' crash earlier this week.

Sylvia Skali was at her job when police showed up with the news.

“When I saw the looks on their faces, I didn't want to know, I told them I didn't want to talk to them,” Skali told KDAF.

Her husband, Michael Skali, was killed when a wheel came off a trailer being towed by a truck going the opposite direction, hit his car and caused him to crash.

The impact of the wheel caused Skali to run off the road, and crash into a concrete barrier.

“He worked part-time for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and he was transporting a car, I`m thinking probably coming from the airport, but he was in an Enterprise car, he had asked on Wednesday to take one of his personal days yesterday, but they asked him to come in because they had some special things they were working on, and needed some extra people, it must have been what God wanted."

Skali died at the scene.

“We never went to bed angry, we loved each other very, very much, he was my best friend,” Sylvia said about their marriage.

The Skali's had two children, two grandkids, and a life of 43 years together.

She recalls her husband as fun, and a "homebody."

Investigators say lug nuts that were sheared off, caused the wheel to be come loose from the trailer.

Both Skali and the other driver were wearing their seatbelts.

The other driver of the pickup was not injured.

“The person who caused the accident, I know that God forgives him, and I hope that he's not grieving, and I just want him to know that I forgive him,” said Sylvia.