‘Can you hear me okay?’ scam hits Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A new robocall is raising suspicions around the country, including right here in Oklahoma.

The calls offer cruises, warranties and big ticket items.

One automated message says “You have been pre-selected to receive a vacation of one of our all-inclusive promotions, which includes Disney tickets for free.”

The robocalls come with one simple question:

"Can you hear me okay?"

Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma's President and CEO Kitt Letcher said they want you to say yes.  

It's likely the person behind the calls is recording the conversations, so they can edit your "Yes" response later on to make it sound as if you authorized a purchase.

“It's your voice, so maybe you're agreeing to buy a vacation, maybe you're agreeing to buy a new set of knives. Nobody knows,” Letcher said. “Maybe it doesn't show up today or tomorrow but in six months.”

The Better Business Bureau said, when you try to deny the charges, they play back your fake “Yes” response and threaten you with legal action if you don't pay.

There have been 750 complaints filed with the BBB Scam Tracker in the last week.

“We actually got two phone calls about it this morning,” Letcher said. “We're starting to see traffic pick up in Oklahoma about it.”

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Get on the Federal Do Not Call Registry.  
  • Hang up on any unsolicited robocalls.
  • If you say hello, try to avoid responding to questions with a "Yes" answer. 

You just don't know how they're going to use your voice or information.

If you receive one of the robocalls, file a report with the BBB Scam Tracker just in case.

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