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“Because he’s my favorite,” 2 young brothers say they only want to be adopted if they can stay together

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's not uncommon to be close with your siblings, but two brothers looking for a home are inseparable.

Aydan is 9 years old, and his brother, Adam, is 8 years old.

They have been in DHS custody for four years but have been able to live under the same roof.

"We're going to be up for adoption," Aydan said.

They have different ideas about what they want in a permanent home.

"I want a sister,” Aydan said.

"And, I want a brother and a sister,” Adam said.

One thing is for sure - they love teasing each other.

"Is Adam your favorite brother?" NewsChannel 4's Lacey Lett asked.

"No,” Aydan said.

"Yes, I am, so stop lying," Adam said.

"I don't want him anymore,” Aydan said, teasing his little brother.

Since they are so close, they said they only want to be adopted if they can stay together.

"Because, he's my favorite," Adam said.

Brothers who love each other dearly and are looking for a family who will love them unconditionally.

Visit www.okdhs.org for more information on adopting a child or call 405-767-2955.

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