Police: Mom lied about child being missing so officers would find her stolen car faster

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – After a woman called police to report that someone stole her car and her child, hundreds of officers answered the call for help.

“Pretty much every available resource we have at the time we focus on trying to recover that child,” said Sgt. Terry McConnell, with the Special Victims Bureau.

An Amber alert was issued across Ohio and notified people on Facebook, Twitter and through cell phone alerts.

“Before we even issue the Amber alert, we’ve vetted it as careful as we can but our decisions can only be as good as the information we’re getting from the person making the report,” McConnell said.

In this case, the person making the report, Jessica Pickett, was lying.

Pickett, 22, called 911 and told dispatchers that her daughter was inside her car when it was stolen. An Amber alert was issued for the 4-year-old little girl.

After the Amber alert was issued, police received a call from family members who said they were taking care of the little girl at the moment.

“We were able to determine that the child never was with the mother. She was at another location safe,” McConnell told WCMH.

When she was confronted with the information, Pickett admitted to detectives that she lied about her daughter so they would find her car faster.