Three Stillwater teens arrested after allegedly threatening school officials on Facebook Live

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STILLWATER, Okla. - A Facebook Live broadcast landed three teens in handcuffs.

Stillwater Police said they made threats and appeared to be holding a real gun in their live videos.

Investigators are not releasing the names of the suspects or the video because they are juveniles.

Around pick-up time Tuesday afternoon, Stillwater Junior High parents got the alarming news.

"The most alarming thing to me is not knowing whether my kid is safe or not dropping him off at school," Hazel Ponce said.

Parents were upset to learn two current students and one former student were arrested for allegedly making threats against administrators and the school resource officer.

Police said their investigation began Monday when they were alerted to a series of disturbing Facebook Live videos.

"They were brandishing what appeared to be a real pistol so we took the threats very seriously," Capt. Kyle Gibbs, with SPD, said.

Police said there were some racially derogatory terms directed at administrators and the teens were threatening to shoot them and beat them.

Officers tracked down two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old and took them to jail.

Stillwater Public Schools Superintendent Marc Moore, Ed.D. released the following statement to NewsChannel 4:

“Stillwater Police Department notified Stillwater Junior High administrators of a threat made against SJH administrators and the school resource officer by two current SJH students and a former SJH student. All students involved in the threat have been taken into custody by the SPD. Stillwater Public Schools is fully cooperating with the police investigation and supports the prosecution of any individual(s) who threatens the lives of administrators and the school resource officers. Due to the potential for jeopardizing the ongoing investigation by the SPD, the district cannot release any additional details at this time.”

Parents are glad to know the suspects were caught, but some are now expressing concerns about not being notified about the incident sooner.

"Yeah, they've taken precautions and yes they've handled the situation, but if it would have escalated then what," Ponce asked.

The superintendent said he was made aware of the situation late Monday.

He said staff was alerted Tuesday morning and parents were sent an e-mail just before 3:15 Tuesday afternoon.

He explained an alert was not sent out sooner because there was no immediate threat.

School officials said they knew the students in question had been arrested.

The superintendent told NewsChannel 4 he has confidence in how SJH administrators handled things.