Video captures attack on special needs student in Tulsa

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A special needs student was reportedly attacked by other students.

TULSA, Okla. – School officials in Tulsa say they now have a plan in place after video of a special needs student being attacked at school started spreading online.

Farrah Williams told FOX 23 that her 12-year-old son, Marshal, attends Hale Junior High School.

She says since he started going to the school, there have been problems.

“First time he came home, he said they was calling him retarded, that he’s slow and they don’t want to be his friend,” Williams said.

However, the verbal abuse turned physical against her son with special needs.

Recently, a group of boys attacked Marshal and recorded the entire thing on Instagram.

Williams says she has talked to the school about the bullying, but nothing has caused it to stop.

FOX23 Investigates: Bully caught on camera at Tulsa school

After the video started spreading online, district leaders say the attackers received punishments ranging from student-parent conferences to out of school suspensions.

Now, the school says the victim has a safety plan in place.