Update: City officials skeptical of third-party payment provider

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PURCELL, Okla. -- Purcell city officials are trying to determine if a website is scamming some of their residents.

"It is crazy. People will do anything to make an easy dollar," Michelle Roberts told NewsChannel 4.

Roberts said she does everything she can to protect herself from internet scams.

"I don't save any of my passwords or personal data on the computer and that kind of stuff," Roberts said.

Roberts said was shocked when she heard about a website that Purcell city officials think could be scamming their residents

It's called Doxo.com.

Some Purcell residents have been using it to pay their utilities bills, later finding out they still have an outstanding balance.

City officials are concerned because they said this website is not affiliated with the city.

Dale Bunn, Purcell's city manager, told NewsChannel 4 that he's been in contact with the people who run Doxo.com.

They told him this is not a scam and the city should have received checks from them for the customers' bills, but so far the city hasn't received them.

Doxo's creators told Bunn they are a third-party bill management service giving customers easy access to all of their bills in one spot, with over 40,000 companies in their directory.

"One of the things first thing I look at when I go to a site to see if it is secure or not is I tell people is to see if it has that little lock on the side. That little lock is called a security certificate and what that means is your information is transmitted safely," Patrick Allmond with Focus Marketing said.

Doxo.com has that icon. However, Allmond said it can be purchased.

Purcell city officials are trying to track down the alleged checks from Doxo.com to see if they can get this all sorted out.

Allmond said he doesn't see anything that looks suspicious in the website, but he added that it's always good to be cautious when trusting any website with personal information.

UPDATE: 2/23/17

The company DOXO contacted KFOR and reports the City and the company have worked out an arrangement.

Roger Parks says he has worked with Dale Bunn and the city is now receiving those payments from residents through the service provided by DOXO.

We are waiting on confirmation from Bunn on those payments.

UPDATE 2/28/17

The Purcell City Manager confirms to KFOR that payments from this third-party company are now being credited to the City.

Dale Bunn sent KFOR this statement in an email.

"We received a list of payments made by doxo on behalf of six of our customers. All have been posted to our accounts receivable. The first one received was November 18, 2016. A payment was received each in December and January. In February we have received three payments. One customer is using the service every month.

doxo has made a good effort to communicate and has provided any information we requested. We have decided to add them as vendor that can make direct payments and postings into our system electronically. The cost for that is paid by a fee that doxo charges the customer for the convenience of electronicly mailing the payments."


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