Couple arrested after drug lab found inside home

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YUKON – Authorities have arrested two people in connection with a narcotics investigation after they obtained information one of the suspects was manufacturing Xanax pills from his home.

Narcotics Investigators and the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant for the home of Kyle Wesner and Taylor Wesner, 24, after gathering information from an armed robbery investigation, where they learned about the illegal drug manufacturing taking place.

kyle-wesner taylor-wesner

During the search, investigators located over 400 Xanax tablets and other items used in the manufacturing of Xanax .

Investigators also found a pill press, chemical binder, and powder that indicated Xanax had been manufactured recently.

They located all these items in the baby’s room, mixed among their child’s clothes and toys.

“Our Narcotics Investigators worked really hard on this case, and in a fairly short amount of time were able to collect enough evidence to hit this illegal drug lab,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

Investigators placed Taylor Wesner into custody, and immediately placed the child who was also in the home, into protective custody, notifying the Oklahoma of Department of Human Services.

DHS arrived on the scene a short time later, and took the child away from the drug home.

Taylor was transported to the County Jail and booked.

Investigator later caught up to Kyle Wesner at his place of employment, where he was taken into custody.

Investigator’s secured a cellular phone from Wesner and noticed there was software on the phone designed to browse the Dark Web where he could purchase items to manufacture Xanax.

A search warrant will be obtained to conduct a forensic examination of the cellular phone at a later date.

“I have to admit it was really disturbing to learn investigators found the pill press and dangerous chemicals in the child’s bedroom, and right next to the baby’s toys and clothes. I’m extremely thankful we were able to rescue this little one from such a toxic environment,” West said.

Kyle Wesner was booked into the Canadian County Jail and charged with Manufacturing CDS, Distribution of CDS, Child Neglect and Child Endangerment, his bond is ninety thousand dollars.

Taylor Wesner was charged with Manufacturing CDS, Possession of CDS, Child Endangerment, and Child Neglect, her bond is forty thousand dollars.

They both remain in custody.

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