Police track down, return stolen toy jeep to little girl

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CARBONDALE, PA. - A little girl in Pennsylvania is happy after police were able to find and return one of her favorite toys that was stolen from her.

Police were called to the little girl's home on a report of a stolen jeep Friday afternoon.

Once on scene, they realized little Leyna Barton's pink toy jeep had been stolen from her family's backyard.

30 minutes later, police were able to track it down and give it back to her.

Officials told WNEP they handled it like all their other cases.

"It wasn't a small crime for the child, it was a big crime for the child. She lost her jeep. And that we got it back, it was wonderful," said Dominick Andidora of the Carbondale Police Department.

Leyna was very excited to have the jeep returned to her.

"I was happy about that! I want to ride my Jeep again." said Leyna.

Right now, no charges have been filed against the thieves.