Local pizzeria cashing in on Super Bowl Sunday

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EDMOND, Okla. - While you and your friends may be crowded around a television in your living room, Allan Kharboch is busy by an oven.

“It's always been a family tradition on Super Bowl. Pizza, chicken wings, drinks. Have your kids or family around, let us do the cooking, let us to delivering," said Allan Kharboch, who owns Stars and Stripes Pizza in Edmond.

Kharboch is celebrating the Super Bowl, no matter which team wins.

The phones at Stars and Stripes Pizza have been ringing off the hook this Super Bowl Sunday.

“I like to hear the sound of that phone ringing all day long. Always doubles the sales of the day,” Kharboch said.

With a Thunder game and the biggest sports day in football, it's been a boost for the local pizzeria.

"There's no comparison between an average Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday. Sundays, of course, it's a relaxation day but with the Super Bowl, it's a triple, double digit - talking about just a simple day," he said.

More employees were called into work to compensate for the extra workload.

“More people on the ground, more drivers on the streets it's always a good day it helps my sales, it helps my employees.”

Stars and Stripes Pizza is open till 10 p.m.

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