Norman police release interview of victim after she was punched by OU football player

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NORMAN, Okla. - More than two years after a former OU running back punched a woman in a restaurant on Campus Corner, we are now hearing from the victim in the case.

In 2014, OU running back Joe Mixon was suspended for punching Amelia Molitor inside Pickleman's on Campus Corner.

Molitor suffered several broken bones in her face, and Mixon entered an Alford plea to the assault charges.

Surveillance videos at the restaurant captured the whole event on camera.

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It shows Molitor shoving and hitting Mixon, and Mixon responding by punching her in the face and, then, leaving the scene.

After two years of fighting for the video to be made public, Mixon’s attorneys released the video to the media last year.

Following the release, Mixon's attorney said he is sorry for the way he reacted that night and has publicly apologized to Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University of Oklahoma.

"It's all on me, the reason why I'm in this position right now, and I take full responsibility for what happened that night. It's never OK to hit a woman, never, and I will preach that to anybody. It's never OK and hopefully people around the world learn from my mistake," Mixon said while addressing the media in December.

On Thursday, the Norman Police Department released video from Molitor's interview after the alleged assault.

Warning: Video contains graphic and explicit language that is not suitable for all audiences.


Molitor says she and her friends left Logie's and went to Diamond Dawgs to grab a bite to eat.

She told police that she and her friends left and had to wait for a friend in the bathroom. She says that a group of men came up behind her and started making catcalls. She said she felt uncomfortable and they began asking for sexual favors before calling her names.

At one point, she said she told the group that she would 'never go anywhere with them in a million years.' She said that's when Joe Mixon referenced her friend's sexuality.

Molitor said she grabbed her friend and walked into Pickleman's. As she walked into the restaurant, she told police she heard Mixon's friends egging him on.

Molitor told detectives that the next thing she remembered was being hit and falling to the ground. She told police that she thought her jaw was out of place, but had no idea the extent of her injuries.

She says she had no idea who any of the men were prior to the incident, and says she never used a racial slur against any of them.

The officer told Molitor that her story conflicted with several written statements, but said her story was a more 'reasonable explanation' of the events than what had been told to them previously.


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