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Update: Driveway repair scammers still going door to door in our area

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Update 2/16/17 - The driveway repair scammers strike again, this time in south Oklahoma City.

Another family is out hundreds of dollars.

Bonita Cordray can't believe it happened to her too.

The same men that scammed Mary Edwards of Norman got Bonita and her husband Saturday.

The fly-by-night contractors driving that same white Jeep Patriot with Texas tags claiming to offer cheap driveway repairs, because they had leftover material from a previous job.

We know of at least 4 victims so far.

All of them are in south Oklahoma City and Norman.

Police say the men should be considered dangerous.  

“In some areas they're targeting senior citizens, their go to clients because they feel like they have a little bit more ability to push them or talk them into these fixes or quick fixes,” said public safety information office for the Norman Police Department.

They are targeting anyone really, not just seniors and appear to be aggressive.

Again, they are driving a white Jeep Patriot with Texas tags.

If they approach you or your family call us and authorities.


OKLAHOMA CITY - Mary Edwards was sold a bill of goods.

She says three men behind the wheel of a white Jeep were offering to do repairs to her and a neighbor’s driveway. 

“Said they were driveway resurfacers,” Mary said. “They came over, gave us an estimate of $400, which I thought was a little bit high.”

Turns out she was wildly overcharged for shoddy work and worse, once the men weaseled their way into the job Mary says they tried to intimidate her and her husband into paying more money!

“The older man walked up very close to me [and] he was certainly in my space,” Mary said. “I used to work in a domestic violence shelter. I felt threatened just as much as I did sometimes with domestic violence situation.”

Norman Police Spokesperson Sarah Jensen says her officers are on alert after receiving a number of complaints.

  • The In Your Corner bottom line these scammers tend to be from the same family and travel the country, targeting families, mainly seniors.     
  • They should be considered dangerous.

“If they're not expecting any guests to make sure they know who that individual is before they open that door,” Jensen said. “Don't ever let those individuals inside the home.”

Mary says the men who stole her money had Texas plates and the guy in charge appeared to be in his 40's and gave her the fake name of "Stanley Steve."

We know one of the other Norman victims was able to cancel the check, before the scammers cashed it, but not Mary.

Her push broom is missing and she found her bucket in the trash.

Mary is chalking this one up to experience and moving on.

“If these people are in town I'm big enough to stand up for myself and I should have, but I know there are people who couldn't.”

A legit contractor won't be selling their product for cheap, door to door and if someone says they've got leftover material from another job it's a scam! 

Should these men pay you a visit, lock the door, and call authorities.