‘He’s definitely the biggest fan,’ A special surprise for a member of an Oklahoma basketball team

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MOORE, Okla.-- Winning and losing is a part of sports and life.

Robby Holley is is a student at Central Junior High School in Moore.

He loves helping the Junior HIgh school basketball team and is currently the team's manager.

He is a student with special needs but none of that stops him from doing his part in making the program run smoothly.

“Yeah, he’s the team manager. I mean he does the hardest part, the laundry. That takes a load off of us. So he’s definitely the biggest fan and the best manager we could ask for,” said Stroad Lanham, the Central Junior High Basketball Coach.

But Robbie's coach had a great idea to give him a chance to really shine.

“We really wanted to find out a way that we could reward him,” said Lanham.

What he came up with was this, when Central Jr. High played Highland East Jr. High, both teams agreed to add a special, extra quarter and get the ball into Robbie's hands.

“For me it’s emotional. Knowing…excuse me, knowing that he’s a special needs child, it just, I can’t imagine what this means to him. It means a lot to us,” said Chad Holley, Robby's father.

After a few missed shots, the crowd was wondering if he would sink a basket.

His Dad lead the crowd as everyone cheered for Robby!

And then it happened, and his dad probably yelled the loudest.

Robby shoots and scores!

The final score, that's not so important, because on that night, everyone was a winner.

“He was just like all the rest of the boy out there. He was just a member of the team. And there was not two teams out there, there was one team. And it was for Moore,” said Cindy Carlton, Teacher of students with special needs.

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